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Stainless Steel Initiative Token

Stainless Steel Initiative Token

Magic: The Gathering

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Double-Sided Token?

A dungeon-delving Initiative Token engraved into matte black stainless steel. Add The Undercity dungeon token to the back of this card for a discount!

Compatible with Magic the Gathering, my high quality metal tokens feature vibrant shades of gold, white and silver in their designs and are made to shine at Commander game nights. They're extremely durable and won't bend or break. Each token is individually designed and engraved in my workshop!

Made to order, will ship within 1-2 weeks.

Product Specs

  • Size: Standard TCG Card (2.5” x 3.5”)
  • Thickness: 0.7mm Stainless Steel
  • Weight: ~1.2 ounces


Will these MTG tokens fit in sleeves?

Yes! These tokens are thicker than MTG cardstock but they still fit into most loose sleeves. Perfect fit sleeves are usually too tight for these tokens, however. A light plastic sleeve is included with each token. 

How should I care for these tokens?

While these tokens don’t scratch easily, gentle use is recommended. A good microfiber cloth will remove most fingerprints. 

Do you use AI for the artwork?

No, all design elements are either handmade by me or commercially licensed from another talented artist. 

Do you have a ___ token? I don’t see it in your shop!

While I would love to have every token available, it takes time for me to design each one! I am always happy to work on custom orders for tokens not currently available in my shop. Please contact me!

I am not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast, and prefer not to include mana symbols or other copyrighted icons or text on my tokens.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Philip S.
Excellent Customer Support

Speedy service and offered options to get my product to me.

Joshua B
took a couple weeks to ship but its worth...

took a couple weeks to ship but its worth the wait as the token is exquisite

Lindsey S
Awesome design and quality. The tokens ha...

Awesome design and quality. The tokens have weight and look great.

Justin L
Beautiful token and great weight

Beautiful token and great weight

Stephen M
Great item, will buy from this store again

Great item, will buy from this store again